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The City of lakes

About Nainital

Nainital is located in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas at a distance of 285 km (177 mi) from the state capital Dehradun and 345 km (214 mi) from New Delhi, the capital of India. Situated at an altitude of 1,938 metres (6,358 ft) above sea level, the town is set in a valley containing an eye-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains, of which the highest are Naina Peak (2,615 m (8,579 ft)) on the north, Deopatha (2,438 m (7,999 ft)) on the west, and Ayarpatha (2,278 m (7,474 ft)) on the south. From the tops of the higher peaks, “magnificent views can be obtained of the vast plain to the south, or of the mass of tangled ridges lying north, bound by the great snowy range which forms the central axis of the Himalayas.”[9] The hill station attracts tourists round the year.Nainital has historically been a part of the Kumaon region. After the fall of Katyuri Dynasty in 10th century, Kumaon was divided into several small princely states, and the region around Nainital was under various branches of a Khasiya family


nainital zoo nainital tourism
Nainital zoo nainital tourism

Nainital Zoo

 Nainital Tourism Nainital Tourism Nainital Zoo, also known as High Altitude Zoo Nainital Zoo is one of the best attraction for wildlife lovers in nainital The zoo is home to several endangered species and is a popular tourist spot.The Nainital Zoo is managed by the fund that comes from the entry fees and is managed by the Bharat Ratna Pandit Govind Vallabh Pant High Altitude Zoo Management Society. 

naini lake nanital Tourism
naini lake nanital Tourism

Naini Lake

Naini Lake is the main attraction of Nainital. It is famous for boating and a stroll in the evening. The Mall Road, Bus Stand and Naina Devi Temple are located around the lake.naini lake is surrounded by seven hills which are known as Ayarpata ,Deopata,Handi bandi,Cheena Peak,Alma, Laria kanta, and Sher-ka-Danda.

aerial ropeway nanital tourism
aerial ropeway

Aerial Ropeway Nainital

Nainital Ropeway or the Cable Car Ride is the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Nainital and touted as one of the fastest ropeways in the country. which draws hundread of tourist each day who wants to enjoy the breathtaking views of naini lake and complete Naintal Hill Station.

naina devi Nainital Tourism
naina devi temple

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple located in Nainital is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site and one of the fifty-one Shakti Peethas in India. The presiding deity of the Naina Devi Temple is Maa Naina Devi or Mata Sati.

The mall road nainital tourism
The mall road nainital

The Mall Road Nainital

The Mall Road of Nainital is the prime shopping, food and cultural centre of Nainital. The 1-1.5km road is centred around Naini Lake and has hundreds of shops and restaurants. It is famous for buying mementoes and eating local food. Vehicle entry is banned during peak season.

ecocave garden nainital tourism
nainital tourism

Eco Cave Gardens

Eco Cave Garden is a recreation park in Nanital with series of caves, hanging Eco Cave Gardens is a newly developed tourist spot in Nainital. It comprises several natural inter connected caves of different animals. gardens and a musical fountain. It is a fun place to visit with kids. Musical fountain show takes place every evening.

raj bhawan nanital tourism

Raj Bhawan Nainital

The Raj Bhawan in Nainital, also known as Governor’s House, is the summer residence of the Governor of Uttarakhand. It resembles the Castle of Scotland. A guided tour is available every hour.

hanuman grahi

Hanuman Garhi

 famous temple devoted to Lord Hanuman. Built in 1950 by the Neem Karoli Baba, Hanuman Garhi is located on the south side of Tallital. Inside the temple, one can see an idol of Lord Hanuman portrayed as splitting his chest and showing that Lord Ram is residing in his heart.